Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How unsubscribe to VPN Free - Betternet Hotspot VPN & PRivate Browser scam

All of android or PC computer users beware of the VPN Free - Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser apps on Google Play and desktop PC downloaded version. There is one stupid scam trick of the software that automatically subscribed you to the monthly premium version when you click to use the software.

This is not free and it's expensive - and if you are not aware it will automatically subscribe you to the premium version as long as you use it. It automatically charge to your credit card and if not your phone line service provide like Celcom, DiGi, or Maxis.

Plenty of users have been complaining about the Betternet SCAM here Cancel auto renewal plan. I have fallen into this when trying the vpn and i didn't realize they auto-subscribed me and charged to my phone bills RM52.99 that is approximately $13.49 USD. If i didn't checked my email i wouldn't have known they have charged me that much.

So please don't ever installed or use this apps. It meant to scam indirectly

How to remove or cancel the subscription:


  1. Omg I fell for it 😭
    After the date of subscription, will they minus your credit in the following month?

    1. Could be...so better you unsubscribe quickly before the charges takes effect

    2. It was charged to my DiGi phone bill for RM52.99 this is stupid scam vpn.


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