Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kampung Tabuan Dayak End of 2017 and Early 2018 floods

Kampung Tabuan Dayak Kuching, Sarawak flood in the year end of 2017 and early 2018

The pictures below flood occur on the 04 December 2017 heavy rains with king tides. It took around 3 hours for the flood to recede. It started around 5:50 PM in the evening and receded around 8:00 PM

Another flash flood with king tides on the 18 December 2017 took around 2 hours for the flood to recede. The picture below is showing the water already receded around 8:53 AM in the morning. The it was much deer around 5:00 AM in the morning

Flash flood on the 11 January 2018 started around 5:00 PM and receded 7:00 by help of fire brigades to suck out the excess water. For the first time the fire brigades department is so helpful in Tabuan Dayak incident.

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