Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How to clean PC computer from dirt and dust using cheap mini compressor

The idea came from experience changing tires at the workshop - they use the heavy duty compressor to remove lug nuts from the tires and also cleaning dust. So I was thinking it could be used for other things especially cleaning pile of dust from the indoor unit of the air conditioner or PC.

One day when stumbled upon the mini air compressor machine in the mr.DIY shop I have quickly take a look at it. Since it was very cheap cost only around $11 USD i didn't hesitate to get one to test its power and effectiveness.

Here is YouTube Video demonstration How To clean dust from PC computer that I have been thinking off all these while.

Before I use to think of getting the compressed air can duster or make a homemade version of it but - after thinking over it's not worth it because the air supply is limited. With the compressed air dust I can do it anytime without worry running out of compressed air supply.

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