Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ceiling fan spin slower than normal problem

This is what happen to my ceiling fan for quite sometimes - I thought it maybe old and cause it to slowdown quite badly. But someone told me it could be the capacitor problem. So open it to check and take out the capacitor 2.5 uF (2.5 Micro-farad) capacitor seems to have bulged out of the casing and the fan feel quite hot near the turning motor.

So I went to the electrical shop to get the same capacitor and i want a lower value of the capacitance like 1 uF but the shop only have 2.2 uF (cost RM9) slightly lower value then the current one. The reason i wanted a lower capacitance is to have the motor running a little faster. But anyway I have put in the 2.2 uF capacitor and there you go. The fan start to spin normally again.

In conclusion the slowdown of the fan wasn't caused by its age but simple the motor run capacitor.

Note: A faulty capacitor also caused the fan to consume more power and thus contribute to increasing electricity bills. And at the same time the motor constantly heat up whenever it is spinning because there is nothing to regulate the current flow. So it's important to know the capacitor is one main root cause of failed / slow ceiling fan.

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