Thursday, June 15, 2017

Salvage high quality valuable electronic component from Belkin Modem N150

Very high quality industrial standard electronic component can be found in the Belkin Modem N150. I have this faulty modem after the most powerful lightning struck during thunderstorm - the belkin N150 router modem has been gone through a lot of thunderstorm and surpassed the life of all other modem (D-Link, Lynksys, Aztech, Innacom). While all these modem were dead struck by mini lightning strike within 2 years time span the Belkin Modem lives on since the replacement. Normal thunderstorm was no problem until the biggest lightning strike finally put an end to it. The unit no longer can turns on - which i believe there is significant damaged to any of the component but almost impossible to check because they are very tiny.

Anyway I have harvested the valuable components especially the IC. These component could easily cost $10 each if purchased brand new from electronic store.

Zentel A3V64S40ETP  - 64 Bit  DRAM
Infineon PSB 50601
Ralink RT3050F
tronTech EM638165TS-5G

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