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How to buy CISS printers? what to look for?

How to buy CISS printer?

If you are looking for economical cheap printing either for business or home use - there is no other printers alternative that I've known so far that could possibly reduce printing cost. Considering that the original ink catridges are sold at a very expensive price for a small amount of volume. For example 15ml of black ink usually cost at $10 at local store and yet it prints very little documents. Using CISS you can get 100ml CISS ink at $4 for each ink tank reservoire. A total of 4 ink tank 100ml each combined made up of 500 ml for common printers that uses the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black and you can print ten of thosands of ordinary documents and possible a thousands or more of high quality glossy pictures of 4R sizes.

The CISS ink capacity and output outweigh the original ink cartridges by far possibly 80% of printing cost reduction. Especially against a company with the like of HP, Brother Printers who produces very expensive ink cartridges.

But to own the right CISS printers are not as easy as you may think? There are plenty of customized nice looking CISS printers out there you can find especially in online shopping without realizing what will lies ahead of buying these printers. The significant cost reduction usually driven people to be come hasty in their decision. Apart from that is the lack of knowledge and experiences how exactly the CISS printer works. Some enthusiastic individual would prefer to modify the printers themselves by purchasing CISS DIY kits on eBay or cheap China's online store. Thinking it would be easy and hoping to gain some technical experiences for installing the component themselves - i bet some people have success in this if there are persistent otherwise many have failed and left frustrated.

Here are some advice what to look for when buying CISS printers

1. Hassle least frequent maintenance - this is very important because you are going to use the printer for a life time if possible. If you are buying the one with frequent maintenance at some point you will lose the patience to fix and left frustrated. I've been into this so eventually i bought a better printer (EPSON L1200).

2. Quality ink and economical - EPSON provides quite a good quality ink in cISS industry and i believe it can be used for other printers as well like Canon, HP, Brothers, etc. Do not buy printers with the ink that is difficult to find, expensive, and less quality. Because ink is the primary item that you going to use over and over again when it finished. It is the most essential basic component of the printers that you will not stop buying.

3. Ink reset mechanism - in EPSON cartridges it requires ink reset mechanism. Where you need to reset the ink level in order for the printer to recognize the cartridge is full again. Otherwise without it no matter how full the ink tank reservoir the printer status will show it is empty and prevent it from printing. There are free software online that you can use as shown here (Ink Resetter). Other printers like HP and Canon does not require ink re-setter and much easier to refill.

4. Ink cartridges type - HP and Canon uses sponges to absorb in during refill. The sponge is to hold the ink in the cartridge and release during printing. Sometimes sponge cartridges can be troublesome because it may failed to absorb the ink evenly from CISS ink tank reservoir and for that reasons the CISS maintenance is too frequently to help the cartridge to absorb the ink properly. On the other hand EPSON does not require sponge and you can refill directly just like a container. This make it easier for the ink to flow into the cartridge and less hassle to maintain.

5. Of course the functionality of the printers usually you use go for the 3 basic function - print, photocopy, and scan. This make life much easier especially when it comes to scanning and replicate another copy of documents.

6. The price is another important factor and selecting the right price with all the functionality and convenient to maintain it is the first choice in buying CISS printers.

So hopefully the basic tips above make it clear what kind of CISS printer to buy that make life easier and cost effective.

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