Wednesday, May 31, 2017

4G Signal booster / amplifier circuit using LM386

This is just an experiment to test if it is possible to amplify / boost 4G signal for the HuaWei-E5577 modem so that i can enjoy decent internet speed consistently. The circuit is very simple driven by LM386 amplifier IC and two antenna. One is the receiver antenna another the transmitter antenna powered by 5 Volt USB PC usb power supply.

The complete component is as follow

1 x project box for casing
1 x 4700 uF Electrolyte capacitor
1 x 1000 uF Electrolyte capacitor
2 x 4.7K Resistors
2 x Antennas with SMA male connectors
1 x USB female port
2 x SMA female connectors

The output of the result is very interesting - although there is no sign of signal indicator increase on the Huawei-E5577 modem but the internet connection looks faster than usual and it is very consistent. Despite of having 1 bar 4G signal the internet still capable of loading YouTube videos very smoothly and serve the internet normally. 

I understand that this amplifier is not capable of delivering 4G signal but the RF amplification via the LM386 seems to have effect on the HuaWei-E5577 modem. Noted that the amplification doesn't seem to work on normal smart phone device. Not sure what exactly the cause.

Anyway now i can enjoy consistent internet speed that have been poor for the past 9 years. It's different this time.

NOTE: Some people may not believe this works - but please take be reminded i do not post something that doesn't work. And at the very least it works for me.

4G Amplifier / booster circuit schematic diagram