Saturday, December 10, 2016

Understanding D-Link DSL and Internet blinking light DSL-2640B 4 Ports Wireless MODEM router

Inexperience sometimes can cause doubt of what to do when streamyx internet connection failed - and the disconnection happens is too frequent for Streamyx internet connection. So here is the basic to understand the flashing / blinking light of the DSL and Internet LED light on D-Link DSL-2640B MODEM Router.

  1. DSL No light = Internet offline - wait for it to comeback
  2. DSL Green light = Good
  3. Internet No Light = Wait for it to light up
  4. Internet (Red) = Internet Offline - wait for it to comeback
  5. Internet (Green Flashing) = Internet is online

  • DSL (Green LED light stagnant) + Internet (No light) = No internet - Try turn on and off the modem to check if the internet kick in. If this issue persistently occur - there is something wrong in the main network box. Call streamyx they will send technician to check the main network box.
  • Your computer have internet only if the DSL green light is on and the Internet green light start to flashing
  • If the DSL green on + Internet green light flashing but still no internet = check for the DNS setting and do it correctly.
  • If the MODEM alternately on / off persistently at times after turned on and off across long period of time -- this is a sign that it is faulty.
Streamyx internet connection usually offline during rain - and there is nothing you can do about it even Telecom have no solution to this.  And it happens to in some countries as well including the United States of America. So just wait until the rain stop and sometimes you may get lucky the internet is fine even if there is rain - usually it is unstable on and off. 

Most people in having issues including myself having issues that their streamyx internet connection is turned on / off and it can happens day after day and sometimes months. Even after you call Telecom technician they will come and solve the problem but after a while then it return to the same problem again. All hope is loss and everyone is complaining but Telecom has no solution till these days. What could it be? I don't know if it works for everyone but this is what I did.

  1. Check the LAN line junction box if there is rust in the cable connections. Rust not only can disrupt the LAN connection but also produce distorted noise in the landline telephone unit when it is being used. This can cause the internet to become unstable
  2. If there is rust take a vinegar preferably white vinegar with PH 5 not sure if local / domestic is good but the imported Heinz vinegar is definitely yes. Dip in all the rusty cable into the vinegar and it will dissolve them. Remove all the remaining rust if necessary change the rusty screws or dip into vinegar solution.
  3. Use solder to tin the cable - the solder tin will prevent rust for many years to come. 
  4. Do step 2 and 3 on every junction box available.
  5. Always have surge protector and the Belkin power socket plug that comes with the surge protect is very good. I use this to protect from lightning as well as unexpected voltage surge through the landline. Modem with the like of D-Link, Aztech, TP-Link, ASUS, Lynksys - are very fragile against lightning strike.  I've all these over the years and all of them are dead even by the soundless thunder. There was one MODEM that Belkin N150 which I've used and exceeded life of all the rest of the MODEM and even in heavy rain and thunder or lightning it has survived. But it was finally dead after 5 years and it seems nobody is selling in in Malaysia anymore maybe due to its durability against economic profits of selling modem. 
So hopefully step 2 and 3 will help internet connection to be stable and step 5 is protection against high voltage surge during lighting strike or unexpected surge. 

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