Monday, December 12, 2016

Cheap China's Starke Power Drill.

Cheap china's Starke power drill from Giant hyper market - it was dead cheap like RM45. It has been doing good over the years drilling concrete (cement) wall and hardwood. After so long this is the first time using it on circular hole drilling - and at the first try there is something really wrong with it and very frustrating. Not sure whatever the reason but drilling circular holes seems to cause the drill to overheat pretty fast and hot. Once it is really hot the power significantly decline and it can't even turned any more. The torque becomes weak. I guess it is not use for such a heavy duty job.

There are things people don't really tell about drills such overheating as well the type of the drill bit handle. In looking for drill other than it's power we need to consider also whether it is overheat very fast. If it does this is not a good drill and of course the sellers won't tell and you will discover until it is too late when it happens in situation like heavy drilling. Secondly the drill bit handle - where the perfect round rod cannot get a good grip on cheap drills. No matter how strong it is locked in the end it will loosen up due to vigorous vibration during drilling. This is another frustration. Good quality drill should be able to hold them properly i guess (but still i am not sure until proven).

So in conclusion quality power drills will get the job done perfectly and without waste of time and efforts.

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