Friday, November 18, 2016

P35B H9 SIDACtor Protection Thyristors


PXXA,PXXB,PXXC Series SIDACtor Protection Thyristor protect telecommunications equipment such as ADSL Modems,Router, , Telephone, CCTV Camera,Digital Video Record,Video Capture Card,Twisted-pair video transmitter,CATV Splitter.....Etc. PXXA,PXXB,PXXC Series SIDACtor Protection Thyristor are used to enable equipment to meet various regulatory requirements including GR 1089, ITU K.20/21,IEC 61000-4-5, YD/T 1082,YD/T 993,YD/T 950,TIA-968-A ,TIA-968-B


Compared to surge suppression using other technologies, PXXA,PXXB,PXXC Series devices offer absolute surge protection regardless of the surge current available and the rate of applied voltage (dv/dt). PXXA,PXXB,PXXC Series devices:

• 100% Lead-Free(RoHs Compliant )
• Cannot be damaged by voltage
• Eliminate hysteresis and heat dissipation typically found with clamping devices
• Eliminate voltage overshoot caused by fast-rising transients
• Are non-degenerative
• Have low capacitance, making them ideal for high-speed transmission equipment

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