Thursday, July 28, 2016

Experience electronic component purchase from Element 14

The quality of the electronic component is no doubt the among the best of quality from Element 14. Even the packaging is nicely pack to avoid electrostatic damage. However the quality of customer service is frustrating - not only with the long delays but also having to receive the wrong item which turns out to be correct but the image reference on the website is something else. Probably RS-Online still the better option for quality electronic component.

In electronic there is no substitute for quality because poor components will fail miserably all the time ;).. I have been into this as a beginner - but it's a good try if to begin with as they are real cheap but it's just prone to failures. However if you could salvage quality parts from faulty electronic appliances it's way much cheaper but of course with the risk of damage from the heat of salvation lol.

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