Saturday, June 18, 2016

How to make easy simple 5 volt phone charger using L7805CV voltage regulator - DIY

Component Required

L7805CV voltage regulator - It's the same as LM7805
100nF (0.1uF) Ceramic Capacitor code 103
330nF (0.33uF) Ceramic Capacitor code 334
1N4007 Diode

Follow this simple circuit diagram from the L7805CV datasheet itself. The capacitance of the capacitors above can be less or more but not too far off from the datasheet recommendation - because that is the most efficient as stated by datasheet.

This is the illustration of the circuit connections using prototype board/breadboard easy for beginners to follow. Click to enlarge!

Use lithium battery or SLA type of battery is better to charge a phone because it holds a lot of Amp hours compare to the PP3 type 9 volt batteries. The voltage of the input does not necessary fixed but as long as it is within range of 7.5 volt to 18 volt is fine.

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