Sunday, May 1, 2016

Step up 3 or 9 volt batteries to AC 500 ~ 1000 volts

This proves the possibility to use minimum amount of voltage such as common battery 3 volts (2 x AA) or 9 volts battery to step up the voltage up to 500 volts ~ 1000 volts using current available in the battery. The circuit is pretty simple where the main parts of the components consist of transistors and also transformers.

In this video using IC 555 timer + BD139 + self modified transformers to step up 9 volt to 400 volts ~ 1000 volts. The transformers are easily available from faulty fluorescent bulb as in this post. However a minor modification to the transformer is required in order for it to work as step up transformers. In this case 30 turns of magnet wire is required as the primary winding and the secondary winding is using the original coil that is already wounded on the transformers.

Another simple circuit using transistor KH200 and step up transformer double winding - this is more efficient compare to the previous one as it capable to step up 2 x AA batteries (3 volts) to a staggering 500 volts. The output can light up 220 volt light bulb rated around 1 to 3 watts. I haven't have the chance to try on 5 watt but 18 watt to 20 watt definitely won't work and this has been tested over and over again.

In addition by using the voltage multiplier circuit to add more voltage it is capable of generating 10,000 volts or more and produce the lightning spark.

The exciting future of this circuit is to be able to generate higher AC voltage from smaller power source like the mini solar panel or self made batteries.

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