Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weak battery booster and step up voltage circuit

Just for the record it is really possible to reap every bit of energy from a battery even if it is no longer usable on normal electronic devices. This is a proven evidence it works - Even a brand new 1.5 AA battery is not capable of lighting up an LED as it needs at least 2 to 3 volts but using the circuit even 0.8 volt can light up the LED

This is another one using the battery to produce electro magnetic field to light 4 LEDs using one very weak battery. The interesting thing about electro magnetic it doesn't rely so much on current but the electro magnetic field itself as long as the receiver is within the range they will light up. Stronger magnetic field provide stronger and farther range of transmission

Voltage booster that boost 9 volt battery to a staggering 600 volts or so

The world of electronic engineering is very exciting and the progress of humanity will depends on the new development of every good thing in electronic and electrical

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