Friday, August 21, 2015

How to access Google Cloud repository server via Bitnami using Filezilla

If an app is installed on Google Cloud via the Bitnami launcher - we need to use the info from Bitnami to access the repository server. In this case i was installing Open Cart e-commerce site on Google Cloud through Bitnami launcher and so trying to access the repository server using Filezilla free Ftp app. It's pretty easy and straight forward but if you have no experience it could be a hack lot of headache.

Assumed that you already have Filezilla installed on your PC but if not download here

1. Open the FileZilla Apps
2. Navigate to Edit>>Settings>>New Site and click "SFTP" and on the "Debug" option = Show debug menu

3. Download the PPK key from your Bitnami Console vault and add the keyfile inside the "SFTP" in step 2

4. In Filezilla go to File>>Site Manager>>Create New Site and enter the

  • Host = Your apps external IP from the Bitnami Console
  • Protocol = SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol.
  • Logon Type = Ask for Password
  • User = Bitnami
5. Click "Connect" when it prompt for password just leave it empty/blank. No need to enter password and it should then connect to the Google Cloud server where the apps is hosted.

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