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Classipress is one of the best classified ads directory you can find on the internet. It's the perfect professional looking theme that work best with wordpress and here are the few reasons why it is the top professional theme.

The simplicity looking page is one of the most attractive to internet visitors. People don't like messy pages where ads are scattered everywhere annoying them. Remember to attract people require significant amount of time depending on their experience. And for the new comers usually once they don't like it they won't comes back unless extremely necessary - therefore first good looks and impression at least they stay for a while even if they don't find what they looking for they might want to search for something else. Users usually prefer to search and find what they wanted right away because time is too limited especially with so many things to do in life. So the Classipress is the perfect looking page with simple design and neat organization of categories and ads display.

Simplicity of the site also contribute to the loading speed of the website. Nobody likes slow loading website even 5 seconds sometimes too much to complaint what more to say if it loads 1 to 5 minutes. It will discourage the visitors from coming back once they found out your site is slow. Anyway your site might not be the only to find the things they need. Classipress loading speed is within the expectation level which is around less than 1 second for average internet connection. This can be a good competitive advantage over other sites.

Dynamic banner features makes your site looking alive. It grasp the attention of the visitors especially when the dynamic banners content interesting pictures and information they need.

Simple administrative control panels allow you as the admin to manage the site easily without so much headache. Although it may takes sometimes to learn the overall administrative features but being the first timer is not that difficult either and eventually you can master the details over time. Among the basic features allow you manage categories of the ads, duration of the ads, and pricing of the ads slot. There are many more you can try it here

Google map features for each ads allow the user to specify the location of the ads  making it easier for the visitors to identify the physical location of the items. This is one of the factor that can potentially influence the visitors decision to purchase something from the ads.

Classipress also have the built-in mobile template. This will increase the visitors to the site since there is growing number of smart phone users.

Search features is simple and flexible - it has the intelligence to guess the closes search terms. Apart from that it also search pretty fast.

There is also blog pages to allow the administrator to provide latest or updates info about the site or talking about popular product in the ads.

Facebook likes page allow the user to engage with the site providing more traffic opportunities. The traffic is the lifeblood of all websites especially in classified ads directory businesses.

One of the most important part of the Classipress as being paid appstheme is the themes updates. Unlike cheaper or free themes which is having limited updates or none at all. There is a lot of danger being outdated in the internet world and if you are not serious about it the business could turn upside down in a matter of months or years. First of all is security - everyday hackers are growing in numbers and they learned by experience and trial and errors eventually they will find the loopholes how to hack a websites. That's the reason why site update is important. Another things are the wordpress are constantly improving and updating its software - therefore the Appstheme need to make sure they are moving inline with the wordpress otherwise it will turn to become incompatible software. New technology especially web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chromes, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc are also important - otherwise it cannot be view. In summary the site updates is essential part of the business if you are serious about making classified ads directory.

Well designed footer provide professional looking place to list links to other pages.

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