Sunday, June 14, 2015

My fascination with fire

Fire is beautiful and human survival depends on it. There is something better than these pictures that i have in mind what to do with fire but i am not really sure what it is. I keep searching though.

Making fire inside an old drum for barbecue reveal one interesting fact as the fire can get real hot and sometimes forming minor vortex as the air flow from under the hole where the firewood is placed.

Some theoretical thoughts

1. Fire cause molecules to move away from it's natural bonds - it caused the molecules to breakup at certain temperature and regroup in normal temperature. Welding, brazing is based on this concept.

2. Ice cause the molecules to accept other molecules

3. The most important effect of fire towards objects is its ability to separate or displace molecules temporarily as well as permanently. It can damage an object it burns and at certain temperature it is also beneficial.

4. At the right temperature (warm water) can be good to the body - cleaning agent to internal abdomen have the same impact as citric acid.

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