Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to test broken cable connection using cheap UNI-T UT33B Multimeter

Continuity test is the very basic test to check broken cable or connection in electronic devices. It's simply because there is broken connection meaning no electricity will pass through. Some broken connection are obvious to the eyes but in most sophisticated electrical/electronic devices are no easy task - that's where the multi-meter comes into place as a tool to test that. In this example i checking a socket that doesn't seem to work when connected to the electricity - so the first thing to check is the fuse 13 Ampere fuse.

  1. Using the UNI-T UT33B Multi-meter connect the red probe cable to the middle that reads VΩmA
  2. Black probe wire to the COM
  3. Place the probe on each end of the fuse - it doesn't matter which probe on which ends. If it reads 1 that meant there is broken continuity and the fuse is bad. Otherwise if reads random number especially closed to 001 it meant there is continuity and the fuse is good. In this case the fuse was good
  4. Move on to the cable test each of the cable in this case there are 3 cable live, earth, and neutral. Test each one of them using by placing one probe on one end and the other on another end. Again it doesn't matter the polarity. In this example the brown, and yellow wire is good while the blue wire is not good. There must be broken or torn inside the insulator. I have cut some of a small amount of length of the blue wires and keep testing and after few cuts its good. 
  5. That's how simple to use.

These pictures explained everything

1 means there is no continuity which implies the cable is bad and there is broken somewhere inside the insulator.

Random numbers shows the cable has continuity which means it's good.

Cutting the cable to remove the broken parts.

The UNI-T UT33B Multi-meter pretty cheap item that you can get out there for RM49 and it can perform the basic function such as direct current voltage check, alternating current voltage check, resistance test, and connection continuity test. One minor disadvantage it doesn't comes with the beep sound for the continuity test.

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