Sunday, May 25, 2014

How to improve camera and video cam blurry focus clarity at close range?

Lights is the most important condition when taking videos or pictures of an objects. Not enough lighting is the most frequent condition compare excessive lighting and the result is produce blurry output image/video of an objects. It usually happens to low-end camera/video devices including of those in mobile phones specifications of 8 or lower megapixels.

The focus can be improved using a magnifying glass place in front of the lens. Based on testing this only works for shooting pictures/videos at close range and it won't work for farther range probably because it has enough light within the distance. What it does at close range is, it project the focus towards the object thus making it more clearer. Beside improving focus, the clarity and in-depth details of the object also revealed significantly.

Remember this testing done for a camera/video devices that is only around 8 megapixels and i am not sure if it improves anything that has higher pixels than that or high tech camera that is equipped with better technology. This test using Cannon Ixus 12.1 Megapixel camera in video mode.

Although magnifying glass may not be the most practical way to improve a camera/video focus, but at least it works when you need for normal ordinary use. Apart from that magnifying glass is way cheaper around $1 to $2 USD made in China compare to extension lens to improve mediocre cameras/videos devices.

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