Friday, December 6, 2013

ibsvc.exe malicious file

The Windows Performance monitor application shows the ibsvc.exe using high capacity of CPU, Disk, and Memory. The consistent processing by the CPU is the most concern as it heats up the system very quickly, slowing down the system, as well as forcing the fan to work at relentlessly. If this continue it could corrupt the software and cause hardware failures due to heats especially the CPU itself.

The repository.xml file contents shows that the ibsvc.exe is part of the adware apps (filescout.exe). The file scout is an annoying adware application that pops up every few seconds on the desktop. The file location can be found on this folder C:\ProgramData\IBUpdaterService\repository.xml

How to remove Updater service

1. Go to Start>>Control Panel>>Add and Remove Programs
2. Right click on the "Updater Service" and click uninstall

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