Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Multiples Chrome.exe processes in Windows Task Manager

You might wondering why there are so many Chrome.exe processes on the Windows Task Manager although there is only 1 chrome browser is open. To understand Open Google Chrome browser and click on the toolbar at the top right hand side and click Tools>>Task Manager (Shortcut Key = Shift+Esc) . You will notice the number of processes there matched exactly the number of processes displayed on the Windows Task Manager. These processes are usually as follows;

1. Chrome browser itself
2. All the Chrome Tab windows - where multiple sites are opened
3. All the Extensions

Opening multiple sites (especially video streaming or with flash ads) and also active extensions that constantly communicate with websites i.e. Skype Toolbar, Kaspersky Toolbar, etc resulting in high usage of memory and caused may caused the computer and browser itself to slow down significantly.

Therefore open only the necessary pages and extensions to prevent lags.

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