Saturday, July 21, 2012

Most Effective Flu & Blocked Nose Medicine - Nasonex Nasal Spray

This is one of the most effective flu medicine by far compare to any others out there that i know. I got this Nasal Spray (Nasonex) liquid flu from a friend who happens to have it from the General Hospital. I am not pretty sure if the pharmacies out there are selling this as it is clearly stated that this is a control item by the ministry of health and probably you can only get it from the Sarawak General Hospital in our local state of Sarawak.

Another friend of mine who happens to know about Nasonex said that this could probably cost around RM100++ if it is sold out there. However since the SGH is a subsidized government hospital you can have it around RM5 by doctor's prescription.

The usage is very simple just spray the liquid into your nose and all the blockage caused by the harden mucus will be liquidized very fast.

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