Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to create Form in Ms. Word 2007 - basic guide

Form is very useful to create digital documents for Survey, Examination Paper, Receipts, etc purposes, where users can key in their data digitally without printed it on physical papers. Here is basic simple instruction how you can start creating a form in Ms. Word 2007. You can find sample Forms template created by Microsoft on this Office Form Template.

1. Click on Developer Tab
2. Inside the Controls Container you will see all the Forms Tool. These are all the tools you need.
  • Rich Text
  • Text
  • Picture Content Control
  • Combo Box 
  • Drop Down-List
  • Date Picker 
  • Building Block Gallery
  • Legacy Forms & ActiveX Controls

3. To add any of the Controls above just click the icon and it will automatically added document. Example Drop Down-List control.

4. Then click "Properties"
to configure the properties according to your preference. Example below is the properties windows to add Drop Down-List.

5. Once you are done with the Form, you will need to protect it which allow the users to key in their data but NOT to edit the Format and Contents of the Form. To do that click on the

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