Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream - Acne Problem

I have very thin layer of hair and some part of my head already losing hairs due to age, weather, and food intakes. I use this herbal product from India called “Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream” to help improving it. The basic ingredients of this hair cream are made of Wheatgerm & Chickpea (Provide Natural Protein), Indian Gooseberry and Thistle (Promote Hair Growth). The cream smell good but it doesn’t stays on for long after applying it on the hair.

The first pack I have was the 175ml tub packaging from local Guardian store and it cost around RM22.00 or so. After the finished the first one, it looks like there is improvement on my hair but can’t really confirm if it really does. Now I am using the second one and will continue to buy more in the future until 5 to 10 bottle tubs until my hair as thick as bear’s hair lol.

The major problem for me using this cream is the fact that it grows acne surrounds my forehead. I believe this is due to the protein side effect to the skin. Another minor problem is the oily effect when applying to the hair. Despite of these drawbacks I still continue using it as the acne and oily effect doesn’t bother me much.

Other’s reviews on the Himalaya Protein Hair Cream pretty much positive so far. Therefore I guess it should be working even though the result may not be so drastic.


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