Monday, March 26, 2012

Kuching Picnic Place - Adis Buan, Kpg. Singgai Bau

Adis Buan is a small resort located at the Kpg. Singgai (Segong) Bau. It takes around 1 hour 15 minutes drive from Kuching to reach Pekan Tondong junction via Batu Kawa-Bau road. A little challenge getting to the resort we have to drive through the narrow gravel road, where only 1 car can pass at a time. One's car must stop aside to give ways to another or vice-versa.

The resort is a very simple place where there is fresh water river and the natural environment to enjoy. It's nice simple place to enjoy the nature while barbecuing.


1. Wooden Huts - for visitors convenience to hang out while barbecue
2. Lodging - for visitors to rent when overnight at the place
3. Barbecue pits - Free for visitors to grill anything. Bring your own lighters and charcoal
4. Basic Kids play ground facilities - See-saws and Swing
5. Public Toilets
6. Changing Room
7. Few animal to watch for - Great white Eagle and Macaques.


1. Entrance Fees RM3
2. Lodging Rental Fees: RM30 / RM50

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