Saturday, October 29, 2011

KOSS UPS SYLION S-80E 800VA Runtime review

The KOSS UPS SYLION S-80E 800VA is a light weight Uninterrupted Power Supply unit. Its weigh around 4.24 kilograms with voltage input range 162 to 290VAC. The output voltage range is 220/230/240VAC. Before getting the KOSS UPS i was actually looking for the famous APC UPS as it is proven to last for quite a very long time. However i didn't manage to get the APC as it is quite expensive and doesn't have the digital gauge meter for the low ends model.

The KOSS SYLION S-80E 800VA on the other hands is very affordable and it cost around RM180 from PC-Image Wisma Saberkas. However the main reason to get the KOSS is the Digital Gauge meter which is very useful to monitor the UPS battery performance. It has Load level indicator, low battery indicator, and load output indicator as shown below.
Here is the test procedure and results using the KOSS SYLION S-80E 800VA.

1. Belkin Modem
2. Laptop Dell

The UPS battery lasted around 15 minutes to keep the two devices on without plugging to the electricity. The test was run in fully loaded charge of the UPS battery.

KOSS UPS SYLION S-80E 800VA Specifications:

Capacity: 800VA
Input: Voltage 220/230/240VAC | Voltage Range: 162-290VAC
Output: Voltage 220/230/240VAC
Battery Type & Number: 12V/7AH x 1
Recharge Time: 4 to 6 hours to 90% after complete discharge
Runtime: 2 to 6 minutes (Fully Utilize Load) | 10 to 15 minutes (Minimal Utilize Load)
Gauge Indicator: AC Mode, Battery Mode, Load Level, Battery Level, Input Voltage, OutPut Voltage, Overload, Fault, and Low Battery
Audible Alarm:
  • Backup Mode: Sounding every 10 seconds
  • Low Battery: Sounding Every Second
  • Overload: Sounding every 0.5 seconds
  • Battery Replacement: Sounding Every 2 Seconds
  • Faulty: Continuous sounding
Protection: Discharge | Overcharge | Overload Protection
Dimension: 287 mm x 100 mm x 142 mm
Weight: 4.25 kg

Durability to last for KOSS brand cannot be confirmed yet. But i know APC is very good as i have 1 unit still in good condition when the rest of other brands gone kaput.

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