Friday, August 19, 2011

What is classipress theme RSS feed URL

The problem: I tried to sync my Classipress classified contents to Facebook Notes to get more traffic but it was kind of frustrating where to locate them as it is nowhere to be found. However eventually it was revealed by accident when trying to burn the site URL using the Google feedburner. So there are 3 feeds from classipress as follow.

RSS 2.0:
Comments Feed:

Using the Feeds URL above you can sync your classipress contents to Facebook Note to get more target audience every time an ads is post to the site.


  1. Wow thank you this is great help for me, i was looking for this info for a while, i like the part about synq with facebook, can you explain how to do that? do you have an example of your classified website and the facebook page where you sync?

    Thank you. From Cancun, Mexico.

    1. Perhaps you can try to read here if facebook still allow users to add the feed to its Notes: