Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to mix cement – do it yourself

Mixing cement doesn’t require professional skills and sophisticated mixer to do it; I have tried this myself when patching holes in the drain caused by water erosion. Here’s how to do it.

Things that you need:

1. Cement bucket
2. Cement Powder
3. Water
4. Spade.

Step 1: Put some cement powder in a bucket and pour some water. You don’t have to be precise with how much the amount of water to put in but the logic here is too much water will make the cement more liquid or otherwise not enough water caused the cement to be sticky and difficult to work with or worse not mix up properly. So the best way is to add the water gradually while mixing, until it produces the correct amount of liquidity

Step 2: Mix the cement using smaller spade in the bucket. Stir it thoroughly until the water is well mix with the cement and produce liquid result and once it is done then you can start to apply it.

When working with medium scale area you will need additional materials such as sand and rocks. The idea of adding them to the cement is to save cost, because 1 bag of cement can cover very small area. Another good reason to add sands and rocks is to produce different surface smoothness. This is depending on the outcome you want, for example smoother surface usually use fine sands particles or pure cement whereas rough surface usually use rocks. Mixing medium scale cement will require bigger spade to mix them well. How mix cement with sands or rocks?

Step 1: Prepare the additional material first (Sands or rocks) then pour in the cement powder. Mix them well using larger spade and then add water gradually while mixing until it is liquid enough to work with. Once it is done then you can apply it.

Note: A little bit excess of water does not prevent the cement from sticking to surface, but will take longer time to dry. Mixing the cement thoroughly is crucial to produce the best integrity of the cement otherwise you will notice some crack surface when it is applied prematurely.

Cement estimated cost in Malaysia RM20++ for 1 bag approximately 50kg. Some hardware stores sells in smaller packets such as 4kg, 8kg, or 10kg.

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