Monday, June 20, 2011

How to check fake Kaspersky Key

Purchasing cheap Kaspersky Keys from eBay can be a frustrating experience. It is very cheap and tempting to buy because the price is 90% cheaper than original keys sold by Kaspersky. However if you are going to resell them for profits, then be careful not to fall into the temptation. This is because there are very good hackers and code crackers out there who can reverse the expiry dates of Kaspersky activation key.

Basically what they do is restoring the dates of the key to the time it was first created so that it can be reused again. The trick certainly work but the problem is when the key is activated more than once automatically it will be blocked as Kaspersky lab blacklist database have detected it during the first activation. New original key on the other hand can be reused/re-activated multiple times as long as it is not yet expire.

How to check if Kaspersky Activation Keys are fakes or have been hacked?

  1. Download Kaspersky Key Viewer. Make sure to select KL Key Viewer 4.0
  2. Activate Kaspersky activation codes at Once activated download the Key file or Send to your email.
  3. Unzip the key file and open it using Kaspersky Key Viewer.
  4. Now checked the creation date and the expiry date of the Key file. Hacked Key file usually have the expiry dates already due for a couple of months or even years but it still can be use to activate Kaspersky.
Suspected top hackers by country who can hack Kaspersky Key: Russia, China, Bulgaria, Vietnam, UK

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