Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Payment Proof from Chitika

Now i have confirmed my belief that Chitika is one of the credible Publisher Network out there to join as this is my second time receiving payment on time (USD $39.72) via PayPal. I am very excited the money keeps growing and always dreaming to get a new smart phone set for myself after one year later. Just imagine $20 x 12 Months = $240 hehe, enough to get an average smart phone set.

Joining the publisher network is absolutely nothing to lose. It's for you to gain and all you need is simply a blog and draw as much visitors as possible to it. And of course the more visitors the more money you get. There are no selling, buying, hidden tricks whatsoever, its just plain and simple.


On the other hands there is bad news from Adbrite publisher because they don't accept commercial hosted domain anymore like Blogger (Blogspot). This means that they only accept domain which is wholly owned by yourself. So i am out of Adbrite until i have enough money to run paid web-hosting site and domain myself in the future.

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