Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to speed up youtube video loading

Is your patience running dry? while trying to watch your favorite YouTube videos but it never load or stuck intermittently in between. Many people experience this problem everyday especially for High Definition videos which contains so much data to process by the YouTube server. There are many YouTube videos giving tutorials how to speed up video buffering but they all require some complicated system configuration and using software. The fact is actually very simple and not many people realize how it can be done with just a simple trick on the video itself

How to do it? Very simple!

Just drag the video timeline marker from the beginning directly straight to the end.
Then click play button and leave it for few seconds. Once you are done! pull back the timeline marker to the beginning of the video and play it. Now the video should be playing normally without interruption
*Unless your internet connection is super slow then this simple trick might not help!

See how to do it using YouTube video very simple!

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