Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good fishing spot - Telaga Air

From Kuching i was driving along the Matang road to visit the Matang family park, but i changed my mind and decided to explore further. So i ended up in Kampung Telaga Air which i never knew before. It's a Malay village located just near the river side and i guess that's where it gets the name.

Upon arriving at the Kampung, there was community activity happening in that place. And obviously after spotting Barisan National (BN) political party flag then i guessed i know what was going on. Apart from that there was fishing competition going on and i saw the participants list caught some 11 kg to 12 kg of ikan kerapu (Grouper fish). Other fish being caught by the participants are like ikan gelama and buntal. Until then i realized this must be a good spot to fish.

There is also Jetty built towards the river for the convenient to fish. Along the river bank on the village side also concrete walking pathway for visitors to enjoy the view of the environment.

One day i will definitely revisit this place bring along my fishing gear to catch IKAN KERAPU (Grouper).

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