Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to manage different emails and instant messengers in one using Digsby

Having many emails, instant messengers, and social network is common for everyone nowadays. And this can give you hard time to manage them and remember all the log in details such as user ID and password as well as the contents.

Download Digsby it's FREE

However now you don't have to worry with Digsby is free to help. Digsby is an application software manager to manage all your emails, instant messengers, and social network in one. Not only it remembers all the user ID and passwords but also showing the contents of your emails, which means you can directly delete them if you think they are spam without even reading the contents.

This will save you plenty of time as you don't have to log into one by one of your emails, instant messengers, and social network site.

Advantage of Digsby
  1. Remember all login details i.e. user ID and password automatically
  2. Able to multi login for all major type instant messengers
  3. Manage email content directly without reading one by one. 
  4. Social network message
Supported Emails, Instant Messengers, and Social Network.
  1. Yahoo Mail
  2. Gmail
  3. Windows Live/Hotmail
  4. AOL/AIM Mail
  5. Yahoo Messenger
  6. MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger
  7. Google Talk
  8. Facebook chat
  9. AIM
  10. ICQ
  11. Jabber
  12. Facebook
  13. Myspace
  14. LinkedIn
  15. Twitter
Your messaging and emailing activities will be so much easier, faster, and convenient using Digsby.

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