Friday, November 26, 2010

How to delete or clear browsing history in Google Chrome browser

Delete or clear your Google Chrome browsing history is to safeguard your browsing privacy from being invaded by others or even internet hackers. Browsing history usually record the following information about your browsing activities on the internet such as:
  • Web-pages you visited
  • Downloading history
  • Cache file - A temporary storage area in memory or on disk that holds the most recently downloaded web pages.
  • Email, websites, social site - user name and password
  • Search keywords or forms.
If you have visited websites that require sensitive information to be used in accessing it or in itself contents private data. This where you need to delete your browser history every time after you have use it.

How to delete or clear browsing history in Google Chrome browser is simple steps if you know it. 

Step 1: Click on the "Spanner" logo on the far top right (Customize and control Google chrome).

Step 2: In the drop down list select "Tools" and then "Clear Browsing History"

Step 3: Select which browsing history you want to clear or delete and click "Clear Browsing Data" to execute the command

Screen shot of the step below:

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