Friday, October 22, 2010

How to learn and practice english on the internet for free?

You might want to improve your overall English, Grammar, Pronunciation, Spelling, or anything about English but no where you can express yourself. Don't worry about it, because you can express yourself for free by speaking on microphone and learning English with others around the world.

I work an IT Technical Support and everyday facing with clients on the phone, so i search somewhere where i can learn how to improve my spoken English. I have found this chat room where i can practice with so many people around the world.

Download this chat-software called Paltalk: It's 100% free no worries and you don't have to pay for anything. Once you have installed the software.
  1. Create your own user ID and Password once done log into Paltalk
  2. In paltalk go to Action tab and select Join a chat room
  3. In chat room list select education and under that Different language > than select English practice room for people around the world.

Enjoy it. You will have fun to express yourself in English and learn along with others from people all around the world.

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