Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to overclock GYGABYTE AMD SB750/710 Core Motherboards

 GYGABYTE motherboars based on the AMD SB750/710 South Bridges support Advanced Clock Caliberation (ACC) that works together with the AMD OverDrive utility to allow AMD Black Edition CPUs to be overclocked or underclocked more than previously possible. This allows users to benefit from lower CPU voltage to decrease the overall system power consumption or to boost the CPU frequency and enjoy better performance. In addition, ACC has been known to enable unlocking of CPU cores for certain CPUs in the BIOS, effectively turning a triple or even dual core CPU into a quad core!

Note: Unlocking of cores is only possible with certain CPUs and no all CPUs

How to unlock Gygabyte AMD SB750/710 cores:

Step 1: Enter M.I.T Menu
Log into your CMOS setup utility menu ---> click on MB Intelligent  Tweaker (M.I.T)

Step 2: Enter Advance Clock Calibration mode
Enter AMD ACC Menu for enabling special EC firmware: In default, the EC firmware will be set as "Normal" mode, and ACC is "Disable". Now click to enable both.

Step 3: Enable Hybrid EC + ACC Auto mode
Enter EC firmware selection menu, select "Hybrid" mode to enable special tuned BIOS. In ACC selection, default is "Disable" now go enabling ACC in "Auto" mode to enable SB750/SB 710 ACC feature

Step 4:  SAVE and EXIT BIOS.
Bios will automatically update new EC firmware and re-boot the system again to apply quad core setting. Please do turn off or reset system during processing.

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