Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to get your site or blog index quickly by search engines

New site is not easily index by search engines if you don't have the right idea how to do it. It may take weeks or even months to wait for the search engines to crawl it and put in their search results. That is why we don't always see our sites immediately on search engines result after it is newly created.

In recent development  major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have introduce very useful tools called the Webmaster Tool for site owners. The purpose of the tools is to provide webmasters the necessary data about their sites based on search engines activities on it. Example of such data are keywords searches, traffic sources, backlinks, and errors statistics which can be used by webmasters to fine tune their sites to match search engines webmasters' policy. Thus by studying the data webmasters can better improve their website promotion and avoid from violating search engine policies.

In addition webmaster tools also can help search engines to index sites quicker by inserting its meta tags codes or XML into your sites. This will helps the search engines to recognize the sites' presents, updates, and changes. And the best part of these tools are FREE of charge to use.

Google Webmaster Tools
Google webmaster tools helps webmasters to improve their websites quality, increase page rank, avoid errors, and index quicker (changes and updates)

Bing Toolbox
Microsoft Bing search engine webmaster tools provide index and traffic data from its crawling activities. Also index website faster including changes and updates for Bing's search results.

Yahoo Site Explorer
Yahoo site explorer. Submit websites and RSS feed for indexing, provide back links information and index sites quicker for Yahoo search result

Alexa Site Owner Tool
Alexa Internet provide free traffic information for website owners. Alexa site owner tools is free for webmaster to get their site index faster in alexa

Yandex Webmaster
Russian search engine webmaster tool. Get your site index faster in Russian search engines results.

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