Wednesday, April 18, 2018

DiGi slow internet in the evening

After DiGi consistently almost every evening - i come to realize that is no coincidence after reading so many complaints in quite a few number of forums that everyone almost facing the same problem as me. Sometimes the internet is totally unusable and there is no internet data passing through.

After making some research on forums based on DiGi internet subscribers there are consistent traits that slow in the evening is a common problem after all. Digging deeper into the root cause of the problem is mainly due to "Throttling" where DiGi service providers are controlling the traffic flow (bandwidth) in the basis of fair used.

That means a user have a certain limit of how much data they can use in a day. Once the data exceed certain limit set by DiGi which we don't know they will automatically set the throttling to take effect and slow down the speed.

Second problem is in the evening due to heavy internet users where people are coming home. So all the neighbors nearby are actively using the internet as a result it also slows down the internet quite significantly but not to the point of no internet at all like Throttling. 

So no matter how close you are to the DiGi cell tower or what kind of 4G amplifiers or the best of antenna won't help in the case of Internet Throttling and heavy users in the evening. 

Now the problem is should we shift the service providers to Maxis or Celcom or perhaps Unifi? I heard the same complaint apply to all others as well - even the highest speed of Unifi service also slows down in a crowded neighborhood when all the neighbors starting to use their Unifi Internet. There is no exception to this. Internet is Malaysia is not yet at its best due to many problems from business perspective, monopoly, government interference, infrastructure, government interference, etc.

We the users simply helpless and could only find the one better than the other.

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