Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cheap Cordless Philips Pro made in China hair clipper trimmer

Quite cheap cordless hair trimmer (clipper) made in China called Philips pro. Don't be mistaken with the name there is missing one 'l' so it's not the famous Phillips brand but rather just a replica version of it. It cost RM55 from EG mall..

The motor is driven by 2.4 volt rechargeable battery and it comes with 3 volt charger adapter. 4 combs accessories comes in different cutting length 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm.

Reason of getting this hair clipper simply because it is cheaper than those branded stuff and the designed look very sleek and durable with the blades cutter quite precisely made and i believe it is made of brass which is anti-rust.

Experience of using.

Excellent and I don't need expensive trimmer to cut my hair - i liked it because of the precision cutting as the comb nicely designed. Can't say much about cheap stuff as long as it works that's fine for me. The actual series model of this hair clipper is RFC-258 there are other model you can find online China store

The 4 combs size is very highly suitable for short hair.

Despite of 2.4 volt battery but it is good enough to cut hairs and fully charge can cut 1 session just fine.

Very nicely designed blades teeth - almost precise and the grip is very comfortable.

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