Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Simple RF Mobile Signal Detector Schematic Diagram Circuit to detect VHF/UHF 4G LTE

Very cool RF mobile signal detector from simpletronic - the circuit is main driven by high frequency RF transistor up to 6 Ghz maximum. It can easily detect low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic and RF signal. In this demonstration using a smart mobile phone using 4G LTE (2600 Mhz / 2.5 Ghz Frequency) and when the internet is running the signal will be captured as a result the LED lights up. Another test is done on an antenna that transmitting 20 Mhz signal and it lights up brightly because the power used is 5 Volt to amplify the 4G modem.

Component of the mobile signal detector circuit

100 Ohm, 10 KOhm, 47 KOhm - Resistors
10 KOhm - Variable Resistor
BFG591 (UHF 6 Ghz Frequency RF Transistor)
Blue LED
10 pF - Ceramic Capacitor
10 Cm - Antenna
CR2032 (3 Volt) Battery

Circuit Schematic Diagram

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