Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Simple RF Mobile Signal Detector Schematic Diagram Circuit to detect VHF/UHF 4G LTE

Very cool RF mobile signal detector from simpletronic - the circuit is main driven by high frequency RF transistor up to 6 Ghz maximum. It can easily detect low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic and RF signal. In this demonstration using a smart mobile phone using 4G LTE (2600 Mhz / 2.5 Ghz Frequency) and when the internet is running the signal will be captured as a result the LED lights up. Another test is done on an antenna that transmitting 20 Mhz signal and it lights up brightly because the power used is 5 Volt to amplify the 4G modem.

Component of the mobile signal detector circuit

100 Ohm, 10 KOhm, 47 KOhm - Resistors
10 KOhm - Variable Resistor
BFG591 (UHF 6 Ghz Frequency RF Transistor)
Blue LED
10 pF - Ceramic Capacitor
10 Cm - Antenna
CR2032 (3 Volt) Battery

Circuit Schematic Diagram

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  1. can make it detect the smartphone in standby mood?

    1. In standby mode the signal is very low because the transmission is almost minimal...only when the phone in use either calling or using internet data it will show LED blip

  2. Replies
    1. Adjust the strength of the circuit by the potentiometer and place it near your antenna..


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