Friday, July 14, 2017

Why 4G amplifier antenna not getting signal consistently?

I guess everyone in the world is experiencing this dilemma - no matter how expensive and effective their antenna amplifier is but the signal still very low at times. It maybe working effectively at first and it's very amazing but there are times it will go down as low as it use to be and worst case no signal at all despite of getting the most expensive 4G amplifier.

This observation actually comes from the RF amplifier I made to amplify the 4G signal inside my room - and it works pretty good most of the time. But there are times when it is really bad and I thought it's not working. Then the signal level will fluctuate up and down sometimes to the point there is no signal at all. Another thing is positioning the 4G modem devices at slight different angle could also affect the signal significantly.

The question why? Why the RF amplifier is working and sometimes it doesn't - I keep wondering about it every single day and as i twist the modem at different angle the signal will change significantly. For example today positioned at 45 degree angle the signal is so good then the next day it will run low again. Then twist another angle the signal will come back and then goes away. It's very intriguing problem of the illusive RF signal - why is it behaving the way it is. And i have read quite a number of forums they are many people all over the world having their TV, Satellite, Mobile 4G signals etc having the same problems. What could it be?

Until then today I've come to realize probably and most likely true that the cell tower transmission signal is not consistent at every minutes. And of course surrounding environment such as weather, trees, walls, etc could also affect the signal. But the most significant is the cell tower itself. Likewise for TV and Free satellite - I am pretty sure this is the root cause why the signal aren't consistently performing at the same level. Although in detail I am not really sure what's going on inside the cell tower - which it could be power supply, component, equipment, etc.

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