Friday, July 7, 2017

The most effective / potent minor skin rash, inflammation, cut, allergic natural homemade remedy

Over the past years I've been searching for a solution to remedy skin problems with the like or skin rash, inflammation, cut, and allergic because these are the most common to occur in our daily life as long as we lives on.

Out of so many trials and errors including pharmaceutical prescribe drugs and other natural remedy with the like of aloe vera plant, ginger, onions. I found that turmeric is the most convenient and have high degree of consistency to remedy most of the skin diseases.

From litmus paper test the turmeric contains quite an amount of alkalinity - which cause the skin to dry faster. Personal observation that I've gather from most of skin diseases are cause by internal acid emanating from our blood vessels and release as sweat.

For example rash - are usually cause by sweat release from the body which contains the food we eat and also the acid produce from digestion system. Acidity usually caused the skin to get wet as you can see on rash, allergic, and inflammation. It is constantly wet if you don't do anything about it - and this is actually the product of acidic element from the body.

To counter the acidity we need the opposite element which is alkaline - and the nature of alkaline having contact with skin it will make it dry. And that's a perfect matched to fight against wet condition on the skin.

The amazing result of the turmeric is very fast and it works perfectly - I have tried this over and over again against the list of skin diseases listed previously and it has yet to fail. That's was the reason I grow plenty of turmeric in the backyard and it grows quite easily especially in the tropical land it requires no fertilizer.

Getting cut on the skin is another problem that we have throughout our lives - especially minor cuts anywhere on our body caused by sharp objects. Again the turmeric can stop the blood flow quite easily since it has drying agent again the wet blood - and interestingly the skin also heal faster with less visible wound cut and prevent infection. This is personally proven without a doubt - anyone can try it very easy.

I haven't got the chance to test the turmeric against bees sting on the skin an also the ringworm disease which i believe it should work. This is because i don't have any volunteers and myself never had those.

How to keep / preserve the turmeric juice

Keep the juice ready in stock on your shelves is important to avoid the hassle of plucking the roots all the time whenever it is needed. There are few ways to extract the turmeric juice such as crushing it using mortar, or cooked in hot boiling water to release the juice, or use juicer extractor.

Once it is extracted keep in a jar and mix with alcohol to preserve against mold. Get a methylated spirit very cheap. Now keep on the shelves and the juice will last for years and years to come.

This tips is based on real experience test years after years and not just mere thoughts or reading books.!! Try it and you will believe it.

NOTE: Do not buy ready made turmeric powder especially from Indian food products because it is already mixed with other ingredients such as salt or msg. They are least effective and useless because of the losing its alkalinity property.

This is my magical turmeric juice preserve in methylated spirit and kept for years ready use anytime! With this i have solve minor part of skin diseases. To apply it is easy just drip it on cloth or cotton and rub on the infected area as simple as 1,2,3

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