Tuesday, June 13, 2017

RF amplifier / booster experiment TL072 156 Khz

In the process to achieve Amplitude Modulation band for AM radio - in this experiment i am trying to achieve power amplification frequency between 300 kHhz to 1200 kHz using the TL072 IC. The schematic is well explained but the circuit schematic creator.

However the actual result on the first stage (power amplification) that I've achieved minimum 80 Hz and maximum 156 kHz is nowhere near the stated frequency range. The circuit used nearly the same specification of the component based on the schematic circuit but the result doesn't satisfy me at all.

I've got the feeling perhaps either the power supply 9 volt is not enough or the 1 nano-farad capacitor at pin 7 is the caused of significant reduction in the frequency. There will be more further test to determine the source of the problem.

The point to achieve 300 kHz up to 1200 kHz is to combine with the second stage of the circuit and amplify its signal close to the AM band frequency. This is because my place is far from the radio tower and to receive the signal is almost none using simple radio circuit. By doing this amplification - I am hoping to amplify it near the AM frequency to get AM radio broadcasting signal.

This is the schematic and the result image below:

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