Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Perodua Alza, MyVi, Viva, Kancil 34B19L Panasonic 12 Volt Lead Acid Battery

Just for reference 34B19L Panasonic 12 Volt Lead Acid Battery for Perodua Alza, MyVi, Viva, Kancil, Bezza. Lead Acid battery is usually last longer as opposed to so called free maintenance 12 Volt dry cell battery. The last time original Alza using Lead Acid battery Yokohama NZ40ZLFT lasted more than 4 years as opposed to using free maintenance dry cell battery lasted about 1.5 to 2 years which is quite short lifespan. This is very significant difference in terms of economical factor so will be back looking for lead acid battery again when my GP NS40ZL / 38B19L is dead. The only drawback of using lead acid battery is the risk of leak due to the breathing hole in the seal cap to allow air pressure to breath out when it's hot. That will likely rusted the engine area wherever the drip of the battery water spilled on it. However that was not significant compare to the economic value of using it.


Original Battery Yokohama NZ40ZLFT used since December 2010 until May 2014 - Approximately more than 4 years

1. Yokohama B34B201 Dry Cell (Free Maintenance) 12 Volt Battery - Last 1 Year 6 Months
2. Hyundai Enercell 42B19L Dry Cell (Free Maintenance) 12 Volt Battery - Lasted 2 Years
3. GP-MF NS40ZL / 38B19L still in use - start using June 2016

Don't believe what the Tauke says until you tested it yourself!! The most valuable knowledge in life is not other people's opinion or the books but the experience of using it yourself. Always keep this advice deep down in your heart!!

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