Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Testing Mondrian Input using PDI Pentaho data integration spoon pdi-ce-

Testing foodmart.xml mondrian OLAP schema on PDI Pentaho data integration spoon pdi-ce-

How to steps

1. Go to File>>New>>Transformation
2. On the Transformation>>View tab right click and create new connection
3. This is my connection settings

Ensure the foodmart database exist in your PC if not download the foodmart data source available on many websites for example here: Foodmart.SQL

4. Foodmart schema can be found by downloading the pentaho workbench (sourceforge). I have workbench version 3.7.0 and the foodmart.xml schema file is in the demo folder

5. Back on the Pentaho Spoon apps click on "Design" tab.

6. Click on "Input" folder

7. Drag Mondrian Input to the transformation page

8. Double click on the Mondrian input the connection should be availabe FoodMart OLAP

9. On the "Catalog location" field browse the mondrian OLAP schema from desktop in my case is from the workbench>>demo folder

10. Add the query below in the MDX query box and click Preview. If the preview is successful that means the database and schema is working as expected

select {[Measures].[Unit Sales], [Measures].[Store Cost], [Measures].[Store Sales]} on columns, {([Promotion Media].[All Media], [Product].[All Products])} ON rows from [Sales]

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