Monday, October 26, 2015

Home cooking fried fish and old chicken soup!!

Cooking isn't so difficult after just require some experience and a little bit of common sense. The rest is simply just do it. When it burnt or not cooked enough it is not a failure but an experiment to improve it to a better taste.

For the fish - clean the stomach and the head. Sliced the body so that oil heat can easily penetrate it during frying.

Heat enough oil - make sure it's enough to cover the area of the fish length so that all is cooked well. When the oil is enough heat dump the fish inside. Be careful of splashing hot oil - it hurts. To reduce the intensity of splashing oil try to make the fish as dry as possible and no excess water in it before putting into the pan.

Inside the pan heat each side a few minutes - make sure it is look brown and dry that is a sign if it is already cooked. If it doesn't cook don't worry next time it will be better. Your common sense will build up and make you a better cooker.

Once it is cooked take it off and put in a plate. Splash some salt when it is still hot to make some taste. Not too much :) salt is harmful to the kidney if consumed to much.

To cook an old chicken soup. Crush some ginger and lemon grass - this is to give it a taste and remove the natural smell of the living chicken. Cut some terung asam (terung dayak or sour egg plant). The egg plant will give the sour taste to the soup later on.

Cut the old chicken into small pieces. Use your common sense to measure how big you want it and of course when it is cooked it will shrink a little smaller. Big or small doesn't matter if you are new to cooking - eventually you will understand how big the size that suit your taste.

Add some water make it more if you need more soups :)...dump everything (chicken and all the spices) into the pot. Keep it high heat because the egg plant and chicken are tough and it need high heat to make it soft. Add some salt along the way of cooking it doesn't matter when as taste it until it feel good to your taste and enough. Keep it boiling until the chick and the egg plant look soft and it's done.

The taste is depends not only on salt but also msg. To avoid of using msg too much try to use stock like chicken stock. And it should be taste good to eat..

Don't be so complicated in cooking because life is fast :) need to cook fast...but of course the taste is not so bad either. :)

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