Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Prestashop - how to remove/disable our stores link in the footer under information

In the footer section under the Information header there is a link called "Our Stores" which leads to the map of the physical location of your store. As an online store sometimes you don't have to tell where is the location and for that reason you may want to remove it from the Information header. Follow the instruction how to disable the Our Stores link

1. In Prestashop administration page
2. Go to Modules and Services>>Modules and Services
3. Look for CMS Block and click Configure
4. Unchecked "Our Stores"

In this section you can also disabled sitemap or the message powered by Prestashop

You can also disabled/enabled in the followings under the Information in the footer

1. Delivery
2. Terms and Condition of use
3. Secure payment
4. Price Drop
5. New Products
6. Best Sales
7. Contact US
8. sitemap
9. Power by Prestashop

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