Friday, August 28, 2015

Ego-C Twist 350 mAh rechargable e-cigarette cut open

Out of curiosity I've cut open my faulty Ego-C twist 350 mAh battery cylinder to look what is inside. It's quite surprising because all these while I was thinking it's using a stack of cell button battery but absolutely not. As you can see in the picture it's a re-chargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) battery - this is a good stuff to keep because it's re-chargeable. There is no complicated electronic in the battery cylinder other than the pressing switch to turn/off the e-cigarette and also the wire connected to the battery - very simple design which we can re-clone using a piece of wood maybe or pvc pipe. The only most important thing is the threaded module to connect with the coil atomizer tank. Other than that it's pretty simple.

If you want to try make sure safety is the number one priority - cutting open a charged battery can create spark like when i did it because of the short-circuit between negative positive during cutting. It could lead to potential explosion if the it gets too hot. So drain out the battery by soaking the module part (the one connected to the atomizer) in the water. This is because water conduct electricity so by soaking it the positive and negative will connect and drain out the charges. Once the charge is at minimal or no longer can light up anything you can start cut it open. Secondly use glove the lithium polymer battery contain manganese oxide which is irritant to the skin

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