Friday, July 31, 2015

China putty to patches hole, seal leakages, and cracks

Cool stuff made in China. This is a putty to fix small hole on zinc roof, and leakages pipe leakages, or cement cracks. The putty is a mix of two chemical polymer and resin when it mixed together it will form rock solid bonding. I have tried it but haven't check on the result if it is really rock solid as claimed in the packaging instruction. There is one problem with this product the instruction says just mix with hand but when i did it the stain is quite nasty and i have to use WD-40 spray to remove it.

It says there once it is solidified it can be sand papered, filed, drilled, etc - sound amazing but it got to be tested to confirm. Will test the result another time to prove if the bonding is trully rock solid.

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