Monday, March 23, 2015

Google Clouds Hosting Platform for E-Commerce and Wordpress

After extensive amount of research on at last i found my confidence that there is a possibility to host e-commerce and Wordpress application on Google clouds hosting platform. I thought it would be difficult where we need to install everything manually because Google hosting is very new to these kind of things but actually it is way advance than i thought. Google has surprisingly having script application installers just like the simplescript and it is called Bitnami Google Cloud Platforms. This application launchers allows beginners to install apps from the preset installers. Without this application script beginners like myself will have more difficulties to install such application i.e. E-Commerce and Wordpress script as it requires to connect to the database.

Apart from that there is not only E-Commerce and Wordpress application but database management, classified ads, Wikipedia, and many more you can find on the site. However in this article we will focus more on E-commerce and Wordpress because they are very popular among the web-users today. Among the available e-commerce scripts are Magento, Spree, OXID eShop, AbanteCart, PrestaShop. Although other open source scripts such as ZenCart, OSCommerce, OpenCart, VirtueMart, UberCart, ZeusCart, Tomato Cart, CubeCart, etc but the existing one is good enough.

Why is it important to know that Google are able to host these scripts on its cloud platform? There are number of primary reasons to consider for instance security. One of the most important to choose for e-commerce platform is security because your site will hold a large number of database of your products which you don't want anybody to mess with. I have an experience hosting my Zen Cart script on Bluehost sometimes ago and the database was deleted due to server updates. When contacted their supports they are not able to recover the backup and i've to re-list all the items which is taking time and pain in the ass. In addition your site also holds client's payment data such as bank account, credit cards information , etc which very sensitives and if these data falls into the hands of hackers than you are having a big risk to face legal actions from the customers. Although we cannot guarantee all these things will not happen to Google at least there are high confidence since Google manage all the server security and with the effort of our own awareness it can be made better. Do not waste your time to host e-commerce site on webhosting that has low security because time is important and your site business reputation is at stake.

Another reasons why choosing Google is the server up-time where Google guarantees that it will perform 99.95%. This is very important for the visitors to your site because 2 minutes downtime could possibly frustrate the users interest to visit the site. Not to say 15 minutes or 1 hour all users will be discouraged if this happens too often. Again i've experience this with Bluehost hosting where there are quite frequent downtime happens. I don't know now but few years back i've quit Bluehost due to multiple problems arising from their shared hosting server.

The third reasons is server performance - Google strive to make their server perform at the highest speed possible so that your site won't lag.

The downside of the Google hosting probably it is more expensive compare to shared hosting but with the security, performance, and high up time i believe this is all you need for the best of any business. Visitors does not care about how much you spend but they will go away if all these criteria are not fulfilled.

Many also commented that if Wordpress hosted on Google Cloud Platform running much faster compare to the original server. Wordpress is a great media for personal users as well as e-commerce and directory sites. There are plenty of 3rd theme providers for Wordpress turning their blogs into onling shopping and directory such as the followings;

1. ShopperPress
2. Classipress Apptheme
3. Many More on Theme Forest
4. There are many more you can find on Google search


  1. The biggest reasons to choose Google cloud hosting for WordPress CMS is its continuous uptime, speed, reliability and scalability but it can be complex for some to launch and manage Google cloud so it’s better to chose manage cloud hosting. Cloudways also offer managed cloud hosting with features such as 1-click setup, user friendly easy to use console, unlimited storage, managed security, backup and 24/7 customer support.

    1. Exactly -- security is one of the most annoying parts especially in e-commerce that i've experienced in the past. With Google Cloud we can be at least less worry about security. All sort of things happen when using third party hosting especially bluehost...such as deleted database, website front page got defaced by hackers, downtime very frequent

  2. Would you give info. About the process steps to move my e_ commerce site from existing hosting to Google cloud computing?

    1. 1. You need to sign up for google cloud platform
      2. You need to setup the shop using the bitnami installer
      3. Save your current e-commerce db data and upload to the db in google cloud hosting
      4. You will also need domain transfer